Department of Musculoskeletal Oncology and Orthopaedic Surgery

Outpatient treatment schedule

List of Outpatient Clinic

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM Kazutaka Kikuta
Rumi Nakagawa
- Kazutaka Kikuta - Rumi Nakagawa
PM - - - - Rumi Nakagawa

* Tuesday and Thursday are surgery days.


  • Bone Metastases Conference: Every Thursday
  • Pathology Conference: Irregular once a month
  • Ward Building Conference: Wednesday
  • Rehabilitation Conference: Wednesday
  • Ultrasound Conference: Irregular

Advisor of Bone Metastases Conference

Tetsuya Tsuji MD, PhD

  • Incumbent: Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,Keio University School of Medicine
  • Specialist in the Japanese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Certified clinician in the Japanese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Leader in charge of the Japanese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Certified physician in the Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
    (electromyogram, nerve conduction test / EEG)
    Article 15 Designated physician
    Chairman of the Rehabilitation Coordination Path Planning Committee of the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation
    Medicine Coordinating Coordinator for Counseling Support System for Higher Cerebral Dysfunction in Tokyo
    (Contracted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Cancer Rehabilitation Training Committee Planner
    NO Stroke Project Advisory Member
    The Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
    The Japan Stroke Society
    The Japanese Society for Eating and Swallowing Rehabilitation
    The Japanese Society for Cancer Therapy
    The Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine

    * Dr. Tsuji is attending the third Thursday conference

Advisor of Pathology Conference

Takehiko Yamaguchi MD, PhD

  • Incumbent: Chair of Department, Department of Pathology, Nikko Medical Center, Dokkyo Medical University

Advisor of Ultrasound Conference

Ultrasound Center Team

The role of ultrasonography in soft tissue tumors can be broadly divided into two roles. To assess whether it is a tumor and to evaluate small lesions that are difficult to detect by MRI or CT. You may not be very familiar with the ultrasonography of soft tissue tumors, but in order to ease the anxiety of patients, we conduct ultrasound tests while sharing information with the doctors. (Author: Hiromi Okano)


  • Tuesday・Thursday

* In case of emergency, consultation will be made on the date of surgery in addition to the above.